It is no doubt that instant tracking, tracing of goods and getting service updates has become somewhat of a benchmark for various industries. Keeping in consideration the logistics sector, business partners demand that they have more transparency in terms of:

  • How their goods will be collected
  • What routes will be chosen for transit 
  • The time involved to make the delivery 
  • What locations would be considered for the cargo drop off.

And  those are just some of the main attributes that are specifically crucial as they help business partners decide on the pricing as per their priorities. Businesses in today’s time need constant assurance in terms of there being reliability in logistics processes. 

There are many risks associated when it comes to the transportation of goods. It comes with its fair share of uncertainties such as unforeseen weather conditions, unexpected vehicle issues that require repairs, transit routes jammed and similar other factors. Such internal and external hazards can lead to severe consequences and losses if not dealt with proactively. For this, Lorryz has in place an efficient tracking system that provides the shipper, fleet owner and any other parties involved the correct and appropriate information at all times.

Tracking and traceability of freight has never been easier! Right from the palm of the hand with an App, customers are able to identify where their goods are located and track their freight in real-time. It is a logistics company’s responsibility to assure their partners that their delivery is being made from point A to B safely. With the involvement of technology and digitized platforms, they are now able to access real-time visuals and instant access to data for further convenience. 

You can track the timings required, the driver’s details, having 24/7 support through customer service for assistance and instant notifications to keep the client in the loop at all times!

Furthermore, if due to any unexpected circumstances the freight needs to be relocated or the route needs to be changed, cargo owners will be communicated there and then. Keeping in consideration the recent monsoon season that flooded most of the city, we were in constant contact with our drivers and cargo owners to make sure that the goods are safely delivered.

Of course, having an amazing cargo tracking system is not enough to ensure safety. That is why Lorryz does background checks on our drivers and partners, quality checks are regularly run for the vehicles involved, prior training is also given to the drivers to ensure the transportation process is smooth for all parties involved, and most importantly, our aim as a logistics company is to make you comfortable with the many advantages of instant transportation solutions! 

Through transparent freight tracking, there are less chances of any attempts of cargo threats, any possible interference with communications between relevant stakeholders, avoidance of dangerous and high risk routes as there is consistent communication between the parties involved. 

With inclusion of IoT devices such as smartphones, smart security systems and monitoring technologies, the enablement for a better supply chain infrastructure has been made possible. This advancement is still a work in progress, however, businesses have been able to work more efficiently and have better control of their operations. The involvement of technology has definitely helped the logistics industry to move goods in a more cost effective and time efficient way and by the looks of it, this is just the beginning!