The use of 5G will enhance the living standard of the societies, helping transform industries and elevating experiences. 5G is really about connecting anything anywhere in the world with the best speed. Imagine how it will enhance the logistics space! With even faster communication amongst truckers, transporters alike and being able to handle customer’s queries and concerns faster!

5G’s impact on the industrial IoT will be even more and is expected to have a result on its high data rate, low-cost reduction, reduced latency and computing, energy savings and higher systems capability. It will have the ability to capture data and send it to artificial intelligence and machine data as a record. While 5G will enrich the B2C business and will also help many other businesses to establish health care, manufacturing, environment, smart buildings, transportation and even smart and sustainable cities. 5G will enable access to everything and will help towards attaining a better world.

Furthermore, 5G will be generously helpful for the logistics and transportation companies because the march with the self-driving is already so common that it will help communicate in real-time with other nearby vehicles, getting customers and opting for optimized and faster routes for optimal delivery.

Real-time location of shipment would be easy and prompt, using the 5G technology, they will provide the live location status to the customer which will help increase the location intelligence, optimize transport and minimize delays. Keeping in consideration the route optimization using 5G, it will benefit them to reach the shipment safely to the customer while taking less time with fuel-free roads to reach them. The tracking ability will not get affected even while using it in the busiest cities as well. Other than that with the help of 5G, the customer can do detailed product monitoring to check when the shipment is transported and when it is stored which will make for better supply chain management, helping improve overall company performance and ROI. 

Another benefit would be improving the traceability of the product to keep away from theft or loss via end-to-end visibility provided to the customer. This will give an advantage to the cargo business to have more visibility of their products which they didn’t have access to before and detailed analytics will also help greatly.

Speaking of augmented reality (AR) which can surely be used for the benefit of overall logistics operations; will help the customer to see their environment with computer-generated imaginary devices. This will also help to check the safety of the drivers and the cargo while combining other technologies such as virtual reality which can help support road backups where truckers and agents can assess downtimes on the same road and taking different routes if required. The issues associated with  first-mile and last-mile deliveries can be solved using 5G as well, we’re thinking proper use of drone technology, effective communication and prompt cargo transportation. Similar to what Amazon is planning it’s deliveries within a few hours delivery time for their customers considering urgent deliveries.

Lorryz already provides its clients with prompt services by connecting cargo owners and truckers instantly via our App. But this process is sure to prosper once similar technologies prevail in countries the service widely exists. 

The logistics companies will be getting great benefit from this technology as it will help deliver the shipment on time with no delay, it will better the supply chain management of the company, increase the visibility of fleet and cargo owners, while a decrease in cost and time will be seen and saving of money would be done which will lead to more efficient ways of working in the logistics company.

More than 50 million people would be using the 5G technology to help establish their business or to run their life. It’s time for better results, experience and an even efficient logistics and supply chain industry.