Keeping in focus the Pakistani market consisting of both the global and local logistic management players, it has seen a positive shift in creating jobs. While there may be certain downsides such as handling export competitiveness; logistics services have surely made it easier for industries to trade goods. 

Do you realize that traditional GPS devices only used to calculate total mileage and provide eta from the pickup and drop off spots? And these were only introduced in Pakistan around a decade ago! The new and improved GPS tracking devices help companies track, trace, pick the easy routes as per weather conditions, traffic status and unforeseen circumstances, give updates to company and clients about whereabouts and any changes – that too in real-time!

A couple of years back it was quoted by lead economist, Vincent Palmade that Pakistan has amazing potential to raise productivity through top of the line logistics facilities that would improve overall markets, increase employment opportunities along with a better value and supply chain. 

There are plenty of Pakistani businesses still booming even in these tough covid times. Keeping into consideration grocers, food delivery and online shopping services – all requiring good management of logistics. With the right approach, safety measures and precautions cargo delivery services have made it possible to keep the show still running. 

With China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)’s wide influence, Pakistan vision 2025 focuses on a proficient logistics infrastructure, introducing better trading opportunities, providing jobs and giving a chance to the existing logistics companies to go the extra mile and build profitable partnerships across the country. It is said that road freight transportation has made a positive impact by contributing 90% of goods being transported via land because of CPEC.

With increase trading, freight forwarding is yet to grow further through Karachi and Port Qasim being the main hub of exports and imports. Plus with Gwadar’s port being in the picture you can imagine the endless possibilities, giving rise to better solutions such as reduced costs for transportation, development in rural areas and better connectivity along with prioritizing the development of new routes for faster and efficient transportation in Pakistan.

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