The unprecedented challenges being faced by businesses amidst a global health crisis has brought to the forefront the power and need for integrating tech advancements. With the increasing demand for extracting more value out of resources, and every dollar invested, leaders are turning to technology to optimize all areas of business. It is not merely to do with cutting overheads or reducing waste; it is about implementing smart thinking and solutions to broaden capabilities and explore new areas of revenue. Businesses across GCC have ramped up their efforts to incorporate new technologies to sustain and grow their operations. UAE, especially Dubai, has always trailblazed in futuristic tech companies. Both Lorryz and VectorGlobe are a result of this encouraging business environment for new companies.

Lorryz is an innovative platform exclusively designed to connect cargo owners (both individuals and companies) with transporters, allowing them to book thousands of trucks through database to move their cargo in GCC and Pakistan. This unique, gamechanger startup by seasoned logistics experts is led by the founder & CEO, Adnan Ahmad who states ‘’Lorryz brings cost efficiency and visibility by real time tracking to customers through IoT. It offers operational and dashboard reports for both truckers and cargo owners, it helps with lead generation and eliminating waste at backhaul by matching demand with supply, providing more business and improving carbon footprint. Alliance with VectorGlobe would prove as a milestone to achieve its vision.’’

VectorGlobe identifies itself as a tech enabler, consulting businesses to realize their IoT vision. The Founder & CTO, Amjad Khan, comments “We are excited to partner with a fellow thought leader. Collaboration between two forward-thinking teams leads to tech breakthroughs and new opportunities. There is great potential in Lorryz’ vision, and it’s our responsibility to give shape to that vision. Our solution will power Lorryz’ operation to become more cost-effective, leaner, and safety-enhanced. It is not just “eyes” over cargo movement; it is insight and complete control of overall operations.”

Business ecosystems need to become more flexible and adapt faster to the ever changing challenges being faced globally. The environment that a business operates in should no longer be viewed as narrowly as an opportunity or threat; it needs to be acknowledged as a stakeholder. Innovative thinking companies are building products and solutions that drive resilience and sustainable growth. VectorGlobe and Lorryz are two such visionaries that have understood the needs and challenges of this business ecosystem and are offering solutions that address real-time problems faced by customers. This partnership is an example of how new companies are challenging the archaic and unsustainable ways of conducting business.