Starting off with the IoT (Internet of things); a system of interrelated computing devices, machines, aspects enhancing interactions for businesses and consumers in today’s time that also has had a lot to do with many industries improving by a significant margin.

The combination of different IoT attributes such as mobile devices, analytics, Cloud computing and services have made it convenient and more easier for companies belonging to the logistics sector to be able to thrive and manage their businesses along with operations in a better way.

A more popular form of digital logistics has to do with managing deliveries via third party companies. Third Party Logistics or 3PL is the most common method to fulfill various kinds of deliveries. It has also allowed companies to outsource logistics services and helped logistics companies to be more efficient as well consisting of fulfilling an entire supply chain’s management with transportation, managing warehouse, basically changing the entire system!

The Internet of Things along with everything else in the world is also changing, and at a faster pace too. IoT Management has surely transformed inventory, cargo handling, transportation and logistics but the most important of them all has been (and will enhance further) is asset tracking solutions. 

Digital asset management would become the most valuable and amongst the best options for logistics providing real time visibility providing information to businesses and allowing them to have third party services being utilized for logistics to perform crucial roles when planning strategies for their transportation needs and requirements. If we compare this with the traditional methods of transporting goods, businesses previously needed solutions and ways to be able to track processes, let alone in real-time!

Demand for goods and services keeps increasing with the increase in population, more awareness about which products and services to opt and use etc. With technological logistics businesses are able to choose better approaches to be more actionable and improve yields to get the desired return on investment. 

Not only does the enablement of IoT devices help the logistics industry and businesses to be more visible with real time tracking and tracing or empowering them to be more vigilant in terms of monitoring supply chain operations but also allows them to be more responsible and prove as reliable amongst their consumers by allowing them to track their shipments as well. 

There is one more territory where IoT can enable better opportunities for logistics and transportation businesses and that is to help them make better decisions to keep their business operations sustainable, by adopting IoT enabled data generation such as understanding demands via forecasting, using raw materials, fuel efficient vehicles for transporting goods for an eco-friendly environment and contributing towards green vehicle utilization, understanding their client’s behaviors and their requirements and shaping their business’s strategies around it will have them go further on their set goals!

The aforementioned is relatively new and is being adopted by fewer companies than many, some more insider facts to add to this is related to the involvement of digitization in the logistics process where partners, clients, logistics managers are able to track the shipment to ensure safe delivery of goods. They can now easily identify the routes, safe fuel expenses to avoid unnecessary traffic. And not just this, digital devices have helped businesses in vehicle maintenance as well. 

Lorryz also focuses on the technological side of logistics, with data-driven technology it is able to maintain the quality of services by picking the right routes, using fuel appropriately, when a vehicle is assigned for a customer or business partner they get full visibility of the transportation and are ensured their goods are delivered safely. 

Digital logistics is paving the way for better supply chain management, visibility in processes, safe deliveries and efficient fleet management and there’s plenty more to come!