It might sound simple but there are multiple aspects that comprise an efficient road freight platform for the logistics and transportation industry. 

Companies need to give careful consideration to the activities being followed for performing proficient road freight logistics. The time involved from where the cargo has been loaded to the route opted from point A to B and the final destination need to be identified proactively. In certain circumstances, changes can be made with unforeseen circumstances. Common types of road freight include truck loading and inter-modal.

The traditional method for road freight logistics comprises transportation that includes bulk cargo transporting where the heavy shipment is dispatched without packing or with packing in a container. Whereas heavy goods transportation includes cranes or hoisting transportation to handle the goods. Lastly, dry goods transportation, which includes pallets or packages to transport goods – a couple more similar aspects to handle road freight which make up for efficient logistics that are both time and cost-efficient. The routes are becoming good and even short which helps to manage the time and deliver the product within less time. People are trusting road transportation more than any other because it is efficient and customers want prompt services when it comes to delivering goods. This works really well locally!

Whereas digital road freight has given many advantages to logistics companies, the most common pros include Fleet management systems which work towards making efficient vehicle management processes. Secondly, it works towards building better driver management solutions to monitor all the issues that can come up. The transport management system manages to control all the details of the shipment which includes the dispatching loads, tracking, communication between the trucker, business owners and any other third parties involved. Digital freight forwarders aim towards better delivery performance in road freight than in ocean or air deliveries because of the aforementioned reasons that make this process more convenient. Companies associated with digital freight transportation can easily build better long-term plans based on short-term results and data received from these operations. It is easier to make decisions, forecast future strategies and be able to maintain ROI.

The common practices that are seen because of efficient road freight logistics can be highlighted with the inclusion of environment-friendly approaches such as green logistics. A phenomenon that has been introduced to make the environment more safe and eco-friendly while improving the packing waste and energy consumption, catering towards lower cost and shorter delivery time. 

While reverse logistics is related to recycling, repair, reuse and reprocessing of the products, road freight transportation has surely played its part well in terms of allowing modern practices to take place easily and handle transporting of goods be it locally or across borders, be it internationally. A lot of political, environmental, social and technological factors come into play when building proper infrastructure and easy access to companies for digital road freight. Specifically, Green Logistics, being the most hyped and a practice that truly differentiates a good company from a company that doesn’t want to give back, we’re seeing the industry successfully become more aware and fulfill their moral obligations and duties to give back to the environment.

Lorryz makes sure to keep these things in careful consideration. Our digital road freight platform has allowed us to become prompt, give back to the community, be more ethically aware while expanding in greater parts of the MENAP region and further! 

We’re fulfilling a sustainable infrastructure by opting for the latest tech, having our truckers become more socially aware as well by training them to use Apps that allow them to opt for optimal route and make changes if need be. Our supervisory department is always in close contact with the truckers and clients to ensure a safe experience and prompt first mile deliveries that help other businesses become efficient as well.

Furthermore, Green Logistics aims towards truckers to transform the transportation space and this also makes the carbon emission low to keep the environment clean. The modern storage practices include digital automatic storage for the data and utilizing recycled and reused pallets and containers so that the inventory should be limited and the products should also be recycled. This is helping towards low utilization of carbon emission and also reducing the contamination of packing. The future of road freight transportation is becoming very successful and clients opting for this are also highly satisfied and trust a more transparent process over traditional methods. 

The modern practices aimed towards digital freight logistics still have a long way to go and a lot more to see but it is surely headed towards the right direction in the coming years.