For manufacturers, the timing factor has always been a crucial one. Assembling of goods requires the involvement of raw materials that need to be prepared and transported at the right time in order to get the final product. Without a proper system for transporting required goods from one place to another, it is impossible to get the desired quality in the final product. Digitization has indeed helped in streamlining overall processes for increased profits and to improve the financial leverage of a company.

Road freight is a viable option for both inter and intra-city logistics. Freight forwarding companies are taking over businesses involving movers, bulk transportation along with already existing logistics solutions. 

Lorryz has also been partnering up with the city’s major grocery chains and companies to handle the distribution of items within and outside the city. Our recent partnerships also include online shopping services that have their operations spread countrywide. 

From the booking of the goods being delivered to the truckers being arranged, transit routes to opt for at the given time and being aware of city conditions to effectively carry out these processes is a task of itself. Road freight logistics complement the entire supply chain processes including their involvement in delivering raw materials for the production of final goods, helping the facilities become efficient in their tasks through timely deliveries, the vehicles being readily available for transportation and the routes involved. These aspects of a supply chain network relate to each other and proper management of logistics is what drives these interactions and the overall supply chain processes to get the desired results. 

This strategic management of transportation of goods via the road has also allowed the fuel economy to prosper along with an improved asset utilization for businesses that outsource these services. It is no doubt that freight forwarding via road is much cheaper than shipping the goods via sea, air, or even rail. However, there are other factors involved in determining this, some of them being the volume of the cargo itself if it’s in bulk, the deadlines involved, the destinations, the distance to be covered and similar other aspects.

Recently, with the inclusion of hi-tech transportation management software, it is easier to plan routes, manage a fleet,  handle cargo and also customer communications. All in all, it is pocket friendly as the eventual result of this is the lowering of transportation costs. As per Forbes, there’s an 8% decline in overall costs with the involvement of tech-based transportation solutions. 

In the end, it’s all about transportation optimization! Helping businesses fill the gaps in the processes with timely solutions that will further streamline their supply chain management. Firms need to recognize their needs from a transportation service provider initially in their planning processes to integrate proper supply chain management with overall operations.