One of the important things that a freight transportation company deals with is product safety and time management.  Talking about product safety, in today’s modern world the system that is used more these days is Enterprise resource planning (ERP), to optimize capital utilization and delivery times. This is used in monitoring the fleet operations of vehicle and driver. While delivering the shipment it is seen that the temperature of vehicles is also being noted if anything cold/warm is taken to deliver as it is related to the health of the product, this is specially specific to the food and restaurant industry where delivery services need to be mindful about as the customer cares about the end product. The manpower used for this process is significantly reduced and made easier with the involvement of optimized platforms that allow the logistics and transportation services to be prompt, and provide transparency of their operations. 

One of the aspects that smart assets optimization focuses on is the tracking of orders through technologically advanced systems, the IoT (internet of things) has been recognized in the world vastly and has paved its way towards allowing companies to be better in terms of handling their business operations and on the customer’s end it has made things easier as well, such as being able to track your shipment location. Furthermore, utilizing these IoT enabled devices to plan routes is also something that has helped optimize processes. Choosing the right and less fuel-free route would definitely allow the company to become cost efficient and provide fast delivery service to the customers, keeping the demand of time in mind it is essential to manage quality time management with the truck drivers to deliver the products.

Now talking about how it has evolved  first mile services, where the movement of products from a retailer to a courier service or to anyone who will take these goods to their final users has become an essential step in the supply chain and business logistics management. .How is this important when it comes to smart asset optimization? The way it can cater towards smart asset optimization is the fact that companies are investing in the latest tech to make this essential step in the supply chain process achieved. With the involvement of the right tools logistics companies are able to provide consistency, promptness and be timely towards helping businesses fulfil their transportation needs.

Lorryz has been helping many companies transfer their cargo efficiently and effectively . Our smart asset optimization techniques allow us to provide these services at reasonable prices and and practice efficient time management for our clients while giving them easy access to online tracking facilities for their cargo transportation. Having a vast experience in road freight transportation, we’ve built our technology to help our clients excel when it comes to handling their business logistics. Moving further from traditional logistics, our platform allows customers to access our services anytime of the day providing accessible trucking at all times.

Smart Asset Optimization has enabled companies to achieve their KPIs faster. Logistics companies are able to manage their supply and demands, tracking of vehicles, visualizing and optimizing all relevant logistics processes in an efficient way, being able to be sustainable with better route options and less fuel consumption, minimize labor with advanced technological systems that are fast, less costly and consistent. It has surely helped manage the supply chain, transportation and warehouse management as well. Companies are not only able to track KPIs regularly but also look for pros and cons for things they need to add or discard from their plans.

In the end it has been seen that the cost of managing all this should be less and more effective for both the company and the customers. By reducing the infrastructure cost and people cost and by enhancing/ improving the cost from stores and suppliers.With efficient Asset tracking, managing fleet operations, getting involved in predictive and preventive maintenance where both the vehicles and cargo involved are regularly checked to ensure overall quality is maintained and also being able to eradicate any missing items with the involvement of theft prevention, smart asset optimization has surely made it easier to handle these tasks and made things transparent.