2020 hasn’t seen much in terms of good growth, many economies have suffered due to the shutdown. However, Freightwaves reported that with digitization, businesses have been able to make delivery routes more optimized, eradicating any possible delivery delays, helping businesses save up on fuel and transportation costs, and trying to stabilize demand.

With the inclusion of technology and the ever-rising digitization of traditional business operations, the freight industry is gradually opting for better approaches to streamline their processes. 

Paperwork has been replaced with E-receipts, invoice screenshots. Transportation through vehicles was traditionally being done with obsolete techniques and is now replaced through efficient GPS systems where business owners, manufacturers and end customers can track where their goods are through real-time tracking in Apps. 

The communication process has been simplified with online chat options available for partners involved. Most importantly, any bad debt costs caused due to unforeseen circumstances are reduced due to instant access to communication channels and getting help whenever required.

Now, manual and human-based processes are going electronic! Lorryz has also been focusing on providing state of the art technology to contribute towards changing the technological landscape when it comes to digitizing the logistics management system for businesses. 

How digitization is helping introduce better freight solutions in today’s time

Many companies that are outsourcing their logistics operations look for partners that have invested in proper transportation management systems. Reason being the need for customized solutions, instant tracking of vehicles and goods being transported along with getting real-time updates. Digitization of operations has opened new opportunities for logistic management companies, giving them a competitive advantage over their traditional competitors that are hesitant to opt for this change.

One of the noticeable freight solutions for logistics companies has been their ability to provide transparency in their operations for their business partners who want to know where their delivery is coming from, taking which route and the overall ETA. Lorryz had realized this need and is providing unmatchable tracking services through IoT enabled devices and cellular tracking, where the cargo can be tracked and reported about at any given time of the day. Vehicle location has never been this simple!

Digitization has also helped businesses become faster and more efficient. Web-based logistics help companies know what vehicles they need when they need it and how quickly can they get the services. Talk about instant decision making!

Furthermore, it is evident that logistics is already a huge industry that is growing vastly around the world with the involvement of simplified processes through digitization. With Artificial Intelligence’s influence on the rise, it is bound to grow even more by involving automation in the processes, making instant access to ongoing tasks and traceability of goods being more transparent and real-time. 

Another aspect of logistics in the coming years could be machine learning to get insights for winning business solutions with advanced data generation from logistic management processes. If we want to go one step far – think driverless trucks and even better – Cargo drones! Just imagine the endless possibilities towards an even better time and cost-efficient logistic management process!