Now we may not see flying trucks – in the near future at least, even though it is being worked upon with the help of advanced technology but we will see more greener and efficient initiatives making the road freight space smarter.

There are a lot of benefits and increased levels of efficiencies with automated vehicle technologies. Driverless cars already exist and if they are implemented in the logistics and transportation space it will definitely make a difference in terms of automating a supply chain process. This is already considered amongst one of the dominating trends as the industry continues to fastly grow with digitization. Many truck manufacturers globally are heavily investing in electric vehicle technology, playing their part to enhance road freight transportation.

Such autonomous vehicles and technology have proven to have a dramatic impact that has been positive so far for logistics companies, overall transportation processes and road freight in general.

Another aspect predicted to grow stronger is Blockchain Technology. Logistics processes have become more transparent and faster with Blockchain Technology as it has helped companies keep track of transactions and their records, any documents required for managing efficient systems in order to help businesses make proper decisions with authentic data to back them. It has revolutionized the way logistics companies used to handle the paperwork and communicate, allowing easy coordination of documents and shared distributed ledger with instant communications, enhancing data validation methods for the businesses.

Blockchain has helped counter the gap between supply and demand as well. Our traditional tracking technologies will soon become obsolete and in a way that does sound ridiculous as most of our tracking advancements have been introduced in the last two decades but this will further be improvised and enhanced at a greater scale leaving out all unnecessary interactions that take up time within the supply chain because of the fact that one product goes through so many stages and transportation phases to get to the end customer. Tracking and authentication will not be the same as it is today for road freight, imagine it being more transparent!

The aforementioned will enable cost-effectiveness when we focus on administrative costs by eradicating unnecessary communications between parties within the supply chain, successful transportation of goods that require temperature control and need to be shipped at the right time to avoid any loss of the product or waste.

One thing that transportation experts will have to keep in mind is the increase in demand these opportunities will enable for the trucking companies.

In the past few years, we have seen more greener initiatives towards road freight transportation. With the help of artificial intelligence, truckers and cargo owners can now be instantly connected. Lorryz App has enabled this at much affordable prices as well. This has reduced any empty miles or backhauling, reducing fuel consumption promoting cleaner and greener transportation, reducing pollution rates. We’ve made low emission a priority as we believe in greener techniques to be included in our transportation processes!

As if automated processes weren’t enough and are definitely shaping the logistics space, one thing that sure looks promising and has a bright future ahead is the truck platooning technique. This basically includes a group of trucks connected together with different wagons. This is specifically important for larger orders and helps in reducing overtaking, sudden acceleration that aids towards lesser accidents, safer transportation experience, low fuel consumption as not all trucks need to deal with wind resistance. 

Lastly, smart roads! Vehicles aren’t the only ones getting smarter – roadways are as well! Specific routes designed for the transportation of goods via road is also in works. Improving road safety, highways that involve sensors for drivers to be alerted if there are uncertainties expected or have happened nearby, reducing delays, cost-cutting and reducing the chances of accidents optimizing overall transportation. 

Talks of underground tunnels are also in order to enhance road freight transportation. While it may be exciting to see that happen where the big guys want to make 3D roads. It is sure to reduce road congestion but will definitely come at a high cost.