• How will 5G Benefit the Logistics Industry

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  • Green logistics for a sustainable industry

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  • Instant transportation: Time is money!

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  • Role of efficient Road freight in Supply Chain Improvement

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  • The digitization of Freight logistics in 2020

    While freight management itself is an intricate process, handling the transportation of goods of a business, the different parties that are involved to make it possible need to be aligned with the entire process as well. Involving contributions from the movers and transporters, the technology used to carry out these processes, proper communication between the owner of goods, end customer and any other parties involved is essential in this industry. Especially considering our ever-evolving corporate world where digitization has helped companies take that a step further in enhancing overall processes. .. Readmore

  • Lorryz partners with VectorGlobe to enhance IoT capabilities

    Dubai, UAE, Monday, 13TH July 2020: Lorryz, a technology driven, fastest growing online freight mobility platform by industry experts from transport and logistics sector, has announced an ecosystem partnership with VectorGlobe – another new firm started by IoT veterans that is challenging the status quo of the tech players in the GCC, to leverage IoT offerings and multiply their digitization efforts. The two teams came together to undertake pilot programs and integrations a few months ago, which successfully concluded with this future-focused collaboration. The formal announcement of the partnership was made last evening... Readmore

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